Royal Garden Restaurant

 Enjoy Royal Garden for delivery. Serving the Vernon and Okanagan community for more than 15 years, our menu offers a wide selection of dishes to suit anyone's taste. Feast on a variety of dishes, from soup and vegetable dishes to noodles and sweet and spicy delights.


A Variety of Chinese Dishes to Feed One or a Crowd!


Savoury Appetizers

 Ready to be happy with a savoury appy? Spring rolls? Deep fried wontons? Chicken wings? Pork dumplings? The possibilities are endless and will always result in happy taste buds! Don't wait and end up regretting it later! Order Now!


Delicious Dishes

 So many delicious dishes to choose from! Pick the classics like: beef & broccoli, sesame chicken, sweet & sour chicken balls, deep fried prawns & more! Don't forget we have a large variety of vegetarian dishes to choose as well! Order Now!


Perfect For Family Dinners

 Choose everyone's favourites to make the perfect family dinner! There are so many delicious items to select from that everyone can have exactly what they want. You'll be the dinner time hero and your family will leave the table happy and full! Order Now!